Skull Backpack and Harley-davidson スカルバックパックとハーレー














I went to the forest after a long time.

Just to review the skull backpack and the bonfire case.

Skull backpack and harley go well together. It was good to finish the color with an antique die.

The skull model is a figurine bought in Celia. Since the inside was hollow, I poured plaster and set it. After that, you can easily do it by moistening the leather and blending it into the mold.

I forgot to shoot the process of painting the skull, but I just sewed craft dye on the text. The expression is changed for all five bodies.

Recently, the dye that has been waiting is antique dye, so it is good because it has an aged texture. Moreover, it has a good scent.

I knit the first lace. Lace knitting is good for areas where it is difficult to sew with thread. For example, a front zipper accessory case. Let’s change the way we do that.

My ideal backpack has a large main room with a small accessory case on the outside that can be attached to the back, tarp or side. This time I was very satisfied with what I had expected!

Thanks to the completion of this backpack, I gained confidence in leather craft. You can make anything if you want to.

I’m watching videos of various professional leather crafters on Youtube, and I’m always trying and error in my head so that I can imitate my own color while imitating it with really good stimulation. Then, while I was doing it, I came to think of various ideas, and I felt like I was able to practice immediately and make something interesting. I’m glad I had a fun hobby.

Today, most of the books don’t allow people to go out of their normal lives because of the coronavirus, but I can only do my hobbies at home, so I have a normal life without stress.

I will try to use this backpack myself and check the durability. If there is a problem, I feel that it will be improved from now on, and I would like to commercialize it eventually. However, it has already been used four times, and caulking has come off, and the problem of unraveling the quad braid belt has occurred. . .

Thank you for reading!

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