Harley-Davidson & Special Coffee!ハーレーと特別なコーヒーを楽しむ



The weather is so good today, great outdoor weather ♪ Let’s go to the forest with John with compact equipment (* ‘**)

I came to a certain camp base. It’s a bit off the road, so it’s good to be able to get in by bike.


Lay a blanket with the Harley Davidson logo. Because it’s a blanket, it’s thin and I can’t sleep at all if the ground is wet.

最近鹿の革を買ったんけど、今回初だしだよ。ブランケットの上に敷いたよ。手触りが良くて、鹿の香りがして和む。本物の鹿と会ったことないけどw ゴツゴツした地面に敷いても心地よく寝っ転がれるよ。値段は¥18,000だっけど、それ以上の良さを感じている。ちなみに北海道の鹿らしくて、裏面に北海道の形が書いてあるw

I recently bought deer leather, but this is my first time. I laid it on a blanket. It feels good and has a deer scent. I have never met a real deer. You can comfortably lie down on the rugged ground. Although the price is high, I feel it’s better. By the way, it looks like a Hokkaido deer, and the shape of Hokkaido is written on the back.


Let’s bonfire in the firebox today. This is my own leather case. This feels better than a genuine black case. Just bring your own at the camp and you’ll be immersed in your satisfaction.



Collect firewood and ignite with Vaseline cotton ball and fire starter.

Vaseline cotton ball, a self-made ignition agent, is easy to make. Just infiltrate the melted vaseline into the cotton ball. When you light the fire, just loosen it and shine a spark with a fire starter. The burning time of 3 minutes is enough to stabilize the bonfire. This is recommended.


And today’s protagonist, coffee roaster. There is a video of Remmel coffee, but I tried to imitate that uncle used it in that video. Shake sideways to roast the beans. It is fun that the scent of beans gradually emerges and the scent changes depending on the roasting conditions.


It seems that the more you roast, the harder it becomes. It seems to be Italian roast that roasts black so that the oil content comes out. I chose Italian roast because I like bitterness. Did the freshly roasted beans have such a good aroma? I can smell it all the time.


I grind the beans using a Captain Stag coffee mill. The size of this coffee mill can be changed and I want to make it more bitter, so I made it very small.


ケトルの底は銅コーティングがされてるみたいで、熱伝導率が高いらしい。注ぎ口が浅いのがポイントで、ケトルをぶら下げたまま注ぎ口の下の部分を押しつければ、カップに注ぐことができる。口ではうまく説明できないw 今日はやらないけど、今度やってみたいな。

Boil water in an Eagle Products kettle. A kettle that Scandinavian campers often use. My favorite Danish camper, Tom, is also a warrant.

It seems that the bottom of the kettle is coated with copper and has high thermal conductivity. The point is that the spout is shallow. If you press the lower part of the spout while hanging the kettle, you can pour it into the cup. I can’t explain it well w I don’t do it today, but I want to do it next time.


Stir the coffee beans. This was also imitated by the uncle from the video of Remmer Coffee. It’s full of steam and you get a good atmosphere. And Kukusa and Eagle Products kettle are perfect! Both are born in Northern Europe (* ‘ *)


The coffee taste was good, of course. I bought coffee beans at Yahoo Shopping, but if I thought it would be cheap for me, a set of 10 bags would cost ¥ 1,300. Today we have Kilimanjaro blend. It’s not at the level where you can see the difference between beans, but it’s still delicious (* ´ *)


Wiener time using a bushcraft unpatterned frying pan. The unpatterned frying pan is a type that stabs a branch of a tree on the spot and makes it a handle.




Drink coffee while eating the wiener. And bonfire appreciation. A happy moment to relax (* ´ *)

The camp can be enjoyed even with few tools. Next time I want to try the Eagle Products kettle guy I explained earlier (* ‘ *)

Thank you for favorite reading!

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Harley Davidson and Special Coffee