Go to Paradise water with Atenza!アテンザちゃんで極楽湯へ


It’s raining today. I recently bought John and went to Gokurakuyu with Atenza, who wasn’t riding at all.


I miss the inside of the car. When I bought it, I was crazy about making the inside of the car red and customizing it. With the same feeling as John now.



Arrived at Mito’s paradise water. He’s a heavy user with 10 coupons.

Looking again, Atenza is cool. A child who is always waiting in the parking lot for me to get on. My heart is getting hurt.



I thought suddenly. Let’s make the ATENZA logo MACHIDA6. You will be pleased with custom after a long time. Think of a way later!

Thank you favorite reading!

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Harley Davidson and Special Coffee