Add Leather Bag in Harley-Davidson vol.1/デグナーのレザーバッグの装着




これらのワッペンはヤフオク、メルカリで購入したよ。気になったら、「ハーレー ワッペン」で調べるとでてくるよ。

I put an emblem on a Degner leather bag and attached it to my bike.

This Degner leather bag was originally included with the bike. It was the one that the previous owner used habitually.

To attach an emblem, first attach the emblem with double-sided tape and mark it with a awl. Next, remove the emblem and drill a hole where you marked. The leather was so thick that awls would not be possible. Sew the hole and complete it!



This degener leather bag is very easy to use because the opening and closing part is a hook. It is in good condition and still usable. Thank you for the owner!

Thank you for favorite reading!

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